Programmes Overview

The African Leadership Institute’s (ALI) training will affect the following areas of the student’s life and leadership:

  • Mind and heart will be equipped to bring lasting change to Africa.
  • Character will be strengthened to endure the pressures of leadership in our time.
  • Skills to cast vision, building of strong teams, get-the-job-done and live a life of financial freedom will be enhanced.
  • Create support levels to ensure accountability, transparency, on-going development, results and growth.
  • Ability to live a balanced life of prioritized relationships (including relationships with close family members and friends) will be immensely improved.
  • Will go home with a comprehensive written action plan.

Academic Programmes


Certificate in Transformational Leadership
ALI’s Certificate in Transformational Leadership (Level 5) is intended for people in a range of leadership positions. The qualification enables transformational leaders to address crises in Namibia and Africa such as corruption, crime, family and community disintegration, poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment, skills......
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Diploma in Transformational Leadership
ALI’s Diploma in Transformational Leadership (Level 6) is intended for people in a range of leadership positions who have completed the Certificate in Transformational Leadership (Level 5) offered by the Institute. The qualification is designed to contribute to advanced abilities in transformational leadership that enable leaders to.... 
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Students need knowledge of entrepreneurship in order to prepare them to be successful in a 21st century global economy. We live in a world in which the future is uncertain, so students need skills that will allow them to make their own way. The world needs students who are willing to make a difference.
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Namibia has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the number of business start-ups during the past two decades or so. This is, especially true, when it comes to the operations of small and medium enterprises. It has been observed that a majority of these businesses do crash land during the first twenty four months of their existence and in most cases before fully taking-off......
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Non-Academic Programmes


Transformational Teambuilding Seminar and/or Strategic Workshop

The African Leadership Institute facilitates transformational teambuilding seminars through which teams are equipped to become more productive, focused, and unified in what they should accomplish. These teambuilding seminars includes conference style sessions presented by experienced faculty members and outdoor activities to ensure understanding and immediate implementation of principles. We are also equipped to draft a unique program for your company to guide you through your company’s strategic planning process. This will be specifically designed to address the needs of your company/organization/team.
Marriage Enrichment Seminar 1

The Marriage Enrichment Seminar enables good marriages to become great! It involves a weekend of learning God’s basic guidelines to help your marriage to taste like heaven on earth. These guidelines include essential foundations of marriage, the roles within the marriage, commitment, communication, finances, and leading your children. This seminar is for married couples, engaged couples and also those in serious – on their way towards marriage – relationships. Husband and wife should attend this together (leave the children at home with someone reliable).
Marriage Enrichment Seminar 2

The Marriage Enrichment Seminar 2 builds on the principles discussed in the first seminar, which enabled good marriages to become great! This weekend establishes principles that will lead to lasting fulfilment and significance in and through marriage. This seminar is for married couples who have attended and already applied (at least some of) the principles of the first Marriage Enrichment Seminar (MS 1). Husband and wife should attend this seminar together (leave the children at home with someone reliable).
Relationship Seminar
The Relationship Seminar guides people in the areas of love, sex and lasting relationships. Training and tools is given on friendships, dating and choices. This is to help people to be wise, holy and ready for the joy of marriage in their future. This seminar is for people who are not in a serious relationship, but has a desire to get married in the future.
Singles Seminar
The Singles Seminar is a life enrichment seminar for people who are single due to death, divorce, decision or delay. This seminar is to help people understand that they are whole and complete on their own. Practical guidelines are shared to help with challenges in their lives. This seminar is for people, who are single, not in a serious relationship and not desiring to be committed in a serious relationship soon.
Executive Seminar
The Executive Seminar is a leadership intervention and great network opportunity. Relevant to the Namibian reality, we aim to inspire executives to lead better, faster and with more excellence and greater balance.
Finance Seminar

The Finance Seminar is a weekend seminar covering the basic principles of personal finances, guiding you to financial freedom. Topics covered include expenses, income, investments, wills and much more.
Mentoring Seminar

Providing training on mentoring for both mentors and mentees. During this training the benefits and process of mentoring will be discussed. Attendees will also receive practical tools to assist them during the process of mentoring
Parenting Seminar

The Parenting Seminar will provide a guide to every parent (couples or singles) on the basic principles to raise Godly offspring in this day and age.
GAP Year Program
Our unique GAP Year Program, in partnership with the Rock Lodge, develops the hearts and minds of upcoming leaders to understand their unique gifts, talents and passions. This program develops their abilities to manage priorities, use time well, work hard amongst experienced staff members, and prepares them to fulfill their God-given purpose as adults and leaders in Namibia. It is indicated for post grade 12 learners who are uncertain “what” they should do after school.