We are an experienced team and passionate about
equipping and developing leaders to Transform Africa.

dawie chrisna & sons

Dawie & Chrisna Fourie FOUNDERS
(Including their 3 sons)

Dawie is a Chartered Accountant who managed PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”) for many years. At PwC he had more than 200 professional staff members and was a member of the Southern African governing board representing more than 4500 staff members. Under his leadership, by God’s grace, PwC went through a period of tremendous growth, influence and impact in Namibia.

He subsequently established the African Leadership Institute (“ALI”) and acted as general overseer of the Transformation process in Namibia: a process that aims to unite government, business and church leaders to join hands to address the real needs in the country and continent. Dawie has a passion for leadership and the Namibian dream which, through God’s grace, will result in Namibia being a place where God’s glory will shine from North to South and from East to West – Where Namibia will be a blessing for the rest of Africa.

"Leaders are purpose driven, priority driven and they plan well. We will equip you to do this so that you may live life to its fullest." Dawie Fourie

Chrisna von Gericke – Fourie is a medical doctor who served in a private practice for 21 years and in the process established a successful practice with 8 doctors, acting as practice manager for the first ten years. She is also managing director of Turn the Tide (“TTT”) in Namibia. TTT is an interdenominational organisation focused on making disciples, developing leaders and implementing various HIV/AIDS projects so that people can experience personal transformation.

Chrisna organised the Joyce Meyer Festival of Life event in 2014. More than 35 000 people attended this 3 day event in Windhoek Namibia. She has a passion to see people develop to their full potential and to see the local church prosper.

"Leaders should be whole and complete to influence others effectively. I therefore challenge you to enrol for ALI and experience personally!" Chrisna von Gericke - Fourie 

The Board

The Board

The African Leadership Institute is governed by a highly experienced and skilled board from various walks of life. These leaders have track records in which strong character, building and working effectively within teams and the ability to deliver results is exemplified. They share the Institute's passion to transform Africa through the development of leaders and is also deeply involved in the training as faculty members.

Currently the Board consists of 8 members and include:
  • Nangula Uaandja -Chartered Accountant and Managing Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Chairperson of ALI Board.
  • Dawie Fourie - Previous Managing Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and ALI Founder
  • Chrisna von Gericke - Fourie - Medical Doctor and ALI Founder
  • Nick Klazen - Experience businessman (banking industry), Pastor and leadership development consultant
  • Sakaria Nghikembua - Managing Director at Mutual & Federal
  • Dixon Norval - Executive Officer FNB Premium Segment and ALI Alumni
  • Patricia Olivier - Group HR Executive at Old Mutual Namibia
  • Shirley Magazi - Owner of Tuwilika Investments cc and Tuwilika Training Institution and ALI Alumni
  • To be announced - FNB nominee
(The Board functions on a rotation basis of 2 years)

Iain Erasmus


Iain is the Chief Operations Officer at ALI and served the Institute since 2005. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education (Leadership). He has been involved with ALI’s development since it was founded which includes more than 60 leadership schools in which more than 1500 leaders were trained. He also played a major role in the accreditation of ALI with the Namibia Qualifications Authority. Iain’s passion in life is to equip and develop leaders to transform Africa which directly relates to the work ALI is doing. His ability to teach for transformation has impacted the lives of many ALI students in the past.

"Africa is in need of leaders who understands the call to lead. ALI will therefore urge you to live a life worthy of the calling for which you were called."

Renata Solomons

Renata Solomons OFFICE MANAGER

Renata is a highly gifted administrator and serves as the Office Manager (Head Office) of ALI. She is responsible for the day to day management of the Head Office, all secretarial work required by the founders and the financial records of the Institute. Renata is passionate about God, the body of Christ in Namibia and is faithfully serving the local church which she is part of in Windhoek.

"We are ready to serve you so that you will become everything you can become - I am waiting for your application."

Cavin Shamukuni


Cavin is serving the African Leadership Institute as Training Liaison Officer in which he should ensure that transformational training is implemented. He also serves as Manager for The Rock Training Centre who works in partnership with ALI to transform Namibian youth (training more than 3000 youth annually through leadership camps). His Diploma in Management (Human Resources Management) specialised in Training Management and development enables him to do this effectively. He is a committed leader who values hard work, faithfulness and endurance. His abilities as facilitator and teacher adds much value to ALI & The Rock Training Centre. His passion in life is to influence upcoming leaders to understand God’s purpose for their lives and to fulfill it.

"Developing yourself is the greatest investment you can make - see you in the training rooms."

Tienie Johr


Tienie have served TTT (Turn The Tide) Ministries in Namibia for more than 10 years and as a result she built strong relationships with government, business and church leaders on a national level. With this experience and her skills and abilities as administrator she is subsequently responsible for ALI’s training resources, event planning, weekend seminars and further administrative requirements of the Institutes head office. Tienie also passionately serves the body of Christ in Namibia through the distribution of resources and training to see people fulfil their potential in life.

"I will ensure that you have the resources to develop your full potential - I cannot wait to meet you."

Loide Shamukuni


Loide is serving ALI since 2013 as NQA Liaison Officer where she fulfils a supporting role regarding the Institute’s accreditation processes. Here she uses her gifts and acquired skills to fulfill her responsibilities regarding the management of student records as primary responsibility at ALI. She holds a Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) Degree and lives with a passion to grow her knowledge of the Scripture and to reflect the beauty and heart of Christ to the world.

"ALI will improve your quality and passion for life. Enroll now for a transformational experience!"

Natania Beukes


Natania is serving at ALI since 2015 where her key responsibilities at ALI include administrative preparation for all training events as well as effective communication to faculty members and students regarding training requirements. She completed a Bachelor of Hospitality Management and she lives with a passion to invest her time and energy in the spiritual growth of people and so that they can fulfill their potential in life.

"I will be your direct contact if you need more information from our training office or throughout your training experience - I cannot wait to hear from you."

Jannie Barnard


Jannie has been working with ALI since 2012 as Media Manager. He is primarily responsible for video productions of all sessions presented in ALI’s Certificate in Transformational Leadership and ALI’s Diploma in Transformational Leadership. His training in Media studies and fine arts enables him to fulfil his role with excellence. He loves to serve God with his gifts and is passionate to serve others and to communicate God’s heart through creativity to others.

"Mankind was created to enjoy the beauty God created around us - enroll for an ALI program and discover the beauty within yourself."

The Rock Lodge


Chrisna and Dawie are the owners of The Rock Lodge (www.rocklodge.com.na) – a conference centre on a game farm outside Okahandja. They have organized more than 500 seminars in the last 20 years and presented discipleship, leadership, financial freedom, parenting and marriage seminars at The Rock Lodge, all over Namibia and in South Africa. Since 2006 The Rock Lodge hosted more than 65 ALI leadership schools and is therefore the ideal place to facilitate ALI’s transformational leadership schools.



In the process of establishing the Rock Lodge and being directly involved in more than 500 Christian seminars since 1996, Dawie and Chrisna were also able to build wonderful relationships with government, business and church leaders from different cultural backgrounds. Many of these highly influential leaders now form part of the ALI Board and a group of more than 40 Faculty members who serves the Institute with their leadership expertise.