Celebration: Necessary?

Celebrating an achievement is very necessary, but in the correct way!

When you’ve worked hard for something and put a lot of effort into it and you achieve it, for sure you need to celebrate. It’s how you celebrate which is important. Celebrations can easily be overdone so you need to ensure it is not too much.

Celebrating in the right way is very necessary. It is a reward for hard work. It gives a sense of pride in one’s achievement and lightens your spirit. It motivates you to pursue more achievements (big and small). If it is in a team, it also builds a bond between players and makes them proud to be together as a team. It also helps to build relationships between team members. It helps us to enjoy what we are doing and not just put our heads down and work. Celebrating causes positive energy which is great for one’s soul and we need more of this.

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Where is our President going?

 MG 2438                       

 This quote of John Edmund Haggai remains one of my favorites on leadership.

“Leadership is the discipline of deliberately exerting special influence within a group to move it toward goals of beneficial permanence that fulfill the group’s  real needs” I like the word “move” in it. This is why I do not mind it if my students make jokes  in quoting me: “Leadership is influencing people to move from point A to point B, where B is a better place”

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