Ricardo Michaels Testimony on ALI Week 2

My name is Ricardo Michaels and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1993. I am a registered architect with NCAQS and hold a Bachelors of Architecture Degree from the University of Cape Town. I am a practicing architect and is the Founder and Director of Ricardo Michaels Architects established in 2010.

I worked hard towards achieving certain career goals only to realize, on achieving it, a feeling complete emptiness. Questions started to arise, why did God create me and what is my purpose in life, if achieving my architectural goals left me so empty. I also developed the urge to improve my leadership qualities and develop my character as a leader.

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Marriage Seminar: Herculus Jantze Testimony


I had the honour through God’s grace to attend the marriage seminar at the Rock Lodge.

My sincere gratitude to Uncle Dawie and Aunt Chrisna for the wonderful weekend. I lack

words to convey my appreciation.

I was touched by the depth of God’s word for marriage couples. I have realized that our

marriage is a preparation time for heavens...

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Festus Negumbo's Testimony



Festus Negumbo

I completed the ALI training in 2006 as a church leader but the training expanded my horisons, helping me to see beyond the church. I realised that I am a pastor to the community and not to church members alone. I also started see beyond my community and started to see Namibia and Africa.

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Rionandio Jario's Testimony



Rionando Jario

Testified that “When I started at Meatco in November 2009, I was a Quality Assurance Officer, later promoted to Quality Assurance Technician 2012. My QA Manager started observing leadership potential in me, thus delegating much responsibility to me. Not long thereafter, My Youth Pastor’s wife (Renata) called to find out if I was interested in attending a leadership course at the Rock Lodge. With no hesitation,

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Shirley Magazi's Testimony


Shirley Magazi

Completed the ALI intervention in 2008. She then started the Tuwelika Training Institute. Through the Tuwelika Training Institute and in partnership with African Leadership Institute she initiated a training process to give grade 10 and grade 12 ‘dropouts’ the opportunity to complete their schooling.

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