Rionandio Jario's Testimony



Rionando Jario

Testified that “When I started at Meatco in November 2009, I was a Quality Assurance Officer, later promoted to Quality Assurance Technician 2012. My QA Manager started observing leadership potential in me, thus delegating much responsibility to me. Not long thereafter, My Youth Pastor’s wife (Renata) called to find out if I was interested in attending a leadership course at the Rock Lodge. With no hesitation,

I grab the opportunity with both hands. In June 2013, Meatco Plant Manager made an appointment with me to discuss the leadership potential that he has observed in me during the course of the year and how he can help better me at my job. Not long after that, a vacant position opened up at the Slaughter Floor (H.O.D). A month later I moved into that office, leading a team of 94 employees. I am so much grateful for all that ALI has taught me, all the various speakers from different walks of life have impacted me greatly. To this day, I still revert to the maroon file every now and then. In fact, that file has become my second bible.”