Marriage Seminar: Herculus Jantze Testimony


I had the honour through God’s grace to attend the marriage seminar at the Rock Lodge.

My sincere gratitude to Uncle Dawie and Aunt Chrisna for the wonderful weekend. I lack

words to convey my appreciation.

I was touched by the depth of God’s word for marriage couples. I have realized that our

marriage is a preparation time for heavens...

It was very touching to hear that my spouse

is a final finished product which is to be presented to God one day. Therefore she needs

to be kept holy and blameless, so that one day if one of us passes on, there will be no


I was inspired by your lessons on the love language and I am confident in saying that it

has definitely revived our marriage. The truth of a man to leave his parents and cleave

to his wife (spouse) and significance thereof has been dealt with in detail, which I deeply

appreciate. I have no doubt in saying that I will be able after this weekend to understand

the love of my life more and more, appreciating her strengths and having mercy on her


I may perhaps not single out because all your lessons were so deep but I draw inspiration

from the parenting session as I observed in admiration how God has blessed your family.

A big thumbs up to your boys for the wonderful presentation.

I owe you my undying gratitude God bless you.

Herculus Jantze