Ricardo Michaels Testimony on ALI Week 2




My name is Ricardo Michaels and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1993. I am a registered architect with NCAQS and hold a Bachelors of Architecture Degree from the University of Cape Town. I am a practicing architect and is the Founder and Director of Ricardo Michaels Architects established in 2010.

I worked hard towards achieving certain career goals only to realize, on achieving it, a feeling complete emptiness. Questions started to arise, why did God create me and what is my purpose in life, if achieving my architectural goals left me so empty. I also developed the urge to improve my leadership qualities and develop my character as a leader.

I therefore enrolled into the ALI African leadership development program and have just completed week 2 of a 3-week program towards a NQA accredited certificate.

This program is very intense and surpassed my highest expectations. I love the fact that the course material was tailored for African leaders based on sound biblical doctrine and using many well known and unknown leaders with integrity in our Namibian market place, society and church fraternity.

Personally, models like self-discovery and self-leadership help me a great deal in building character into servanthood leadership, which principles I attempt to apply in my business and at church. I also love the mentorship accountability goal setting approach between the experience mentor and inexperience mentee to accelerate the transformation process. This relation is built on trust and the tough questions ask builds a character of integrity. The program also provided me with insight into good financial stewardship and what it really meant to be financially free.

I will recommend this program to any person, young or old that still has the desire to make a difference in Namibia.